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23 May, 2013

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Reach for the stars in Stackamunga! A simple and addictive physics based block stacking game. Your task is to build as high as you can using tetris-like blocks, rotate and stack them neatly together to reach new heights. Just make sure to keep your structure balanced, or things might get out of control.


Stackamunga is the first release by iRocket Apps, a two brother indie game studio. The flash-prototype of Stackamunga was built in a few days after we had a conversation about what made the addictive games we loved so fun. We really enjoyed just toying around with it at first, but quickly decided it was something we wanted to work on as a fully featured game. We spent a lot of time obsessively trying to perfect the gameplay mechanics to make the game more fun and intuitive, and redesigned core game mechanics several times.


  • Intuitive and easy to use one-touch controls. Slide blocks down, or tap to rotate them.
  • Hours of gameplay in a never-ending infinite arcade world.
  • Regular and Time Attack game modes.
  • High quality production and visuals to enhance overall gameplay.


Stackamunga - Release Trailer Vimeo

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      About iRocket Apps

      iRocket Apps is a small indie game studio made up of two brothers, Christopher and Tyler Henkel. Stackamunga is their first commercial release.

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      Stackamunga Credits

      Tyler Henkel
      Developer & Artist, iRocket Apps

      Christopher Henkel
      Developer, iRocket Apps

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